DJ Benjamin Jay

Even as a kid I knew there was something about music that gave me a special feeling I couldn't quite describe. I remember waking up to my Mom and Dad playing their old records in the morning while doing chores around the house. Classic icons. Artists who have shaped the very foundations of what we consider music today. But it wasn't until I turned 15 that I really enjoyed dancing! I saw my first live DJ, and the energy that night really moved me. I danced my teenage heart out and the DJ grabbed a record out of his crate, handed it to me, and thanked me for being there. From that point on I knew what I had to do. I played that record at home countless times until I finally bought my own turn tables and began to mix at 17. I was on a mission to move people through music and fortunately Portland, Oregon was a good place to start.​

From age 17 to 25 I was DJing all over Oregon and Washington, from swanky sushi bars to pumping night clubs, like Madame Butterfly, Pala, Om, Level, Solo, and countless other one-off parties and underground shows. I was working with the highest level of talent around, but playing to a similar sound every show started to restrict my creativity and diversity as a DJ. As my appreciation for music began to outgrow the Electronic Dance Music dominated scene, I looked toward playing more elegant settings, like corporate events and weddings. This fit in perfectly with relocating to the island of Maui, and I have been successfully DJing here since 2010. While still DJing the biggest events on Maui for special occasions like Halloween, New Year's Eve and The 4th of July, the serene backdrop of this beautiful place, combined with the relaxing and fulfilling lifestyle has shifted my focus toward weddings and corporate events. Sharing this incredible place with my clients through music and dancing is truly a blessing!